Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Tag: Brexit means Bureaucracy

We are European

Welcome to social distancing from Europe: Max Brexit

By Russell Bruce Five years ago England (and Wales by a narrower margin) voted for Brexit. Scotland voted 62%...

Trade deals: Farming, fishing and rural voices

By Russell Bruce Lots of speculation on the implications of an Australian/UK trade deal. The issue for Johnson's Brexit...
Brexit severely limits the ability of Scottish artists to tour freely in Europe

eu+me – music and the performing arts

Brexit has inflicted incredible damage to Scotland's and the UK's music and performing arts industry. Free movement across borders that allowed major...

Tories intent on starving us into submission

By Molly Pollock “Ministers draw up secret plans to stockpile processed food in case of a ‘no deal’ Brexit” says the Sun headline. So despite two...