Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Tag: Chancellor

World beating

Throughout this pandemic the UK Tory government has used ‘world beating’ as one of its most dragged out mantras, now worn thin by repetition. Everything it has done has been world beating. We’ll today, that is proved appropriate as daily cases of Covid 19 have for the first time topped 100,000 – 106,122 cases to be exact (95,795 of them in England), exclipsing the previous record of 93,045 just a few days ago on 17 December.

Scottish Bank Notes – The Treasury’s toothless threat

By John Miller The Scotsman's lead anti independence scare story the other day was “Treasury Threat to Future of Scottish Bank Notes”.  The opening paragraph stated...

Chancellor’s Autumn Statement falls short as UK faces extended period of...

By G.A.Ponsonby  The SNP has responded to the UK Chancellor’s Autumn Statement by claiming it falls short of what is needed and any benefits...