Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Tag: Conservative Party

Two UK leaders both totally Brexit crazy

...and no use whatsoever to Scotland By Russell Bruce On the hard right we have Johnson...

Campaign to unseat 44 Tory MPs

Molly Pollock reports on the European Movement's campaign to unseat Tory MPs who voted for the 'trade deal' with Australia

Nicola Sturgeon only politician with positive rating

By Russell Bruce The latest poll from Opinium has a lot of very welcome news for the SNP on...
South of Scotland marginals 2021

South of Scotland marginals and reverse targeting

By Russell Bruce We thought we would take a look at what is happening in the South of Scotland...
Holyrood 4 polls 1st to 7th April 2021

4 April polls show SNP consolidation

By Russell Bruce Whilst we wait for the next clutch of polls a quick look at what the first...
A look at Scottish polls over a longer term to see the trend

Polls: a look at the longer story

By Russell Bruce As each poll comes out independence supporters are looking to see what the immediate up/down short...

Democracy carpet-bagged live on TV, millions of witnesses

Commentary by Derek Bateman Well, this changes everything. We’re now staring at the carpet-bagging of democracy as a Prime Minister who said Now is not...