Monday, May 20, 2024
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Tag: deaths

World beating

Throughout this pandemic the UK Tory government has used ‘world beating’ as one of its most dragged out mantras, now worn thin by repetition. Everything it has done has been world beating. We’ll today, that is proved appropriate as daily cases of Covid 19 have for the first time topped 100,000 – 106,122 cases to be exact (95,795 of them in England), exclipsing the previous record of 93,045 just a few days ago on 17 December.

Deaths reported as two explosions hit Boston

  By a Newsnet reporter  Three people are confirmed dead after two explosions hit the city of Boston.  The explosions occurred near the end of...

Storms continue to batter south US

Officials have said that at least 193 people have been killed by tornadoes and storms in the south-eastern United States. 128...

Labour’s Union Dividend

 GENERAL...  THE VOTE OF SHAME Fifty Scots will pay the maximum price this year as minimum pricing for alcohol blocked.  ...

Labour / Tory Alliance Condemned as Alcohol Proposals Blocked

The decision by Labour to join the Tories and Lib Dems in order to block measures aimed at tackling Scotland’s chronic alcohol problem has...