Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Tag: Dominic Raab

Ditching the ECHR…ditching our human rights

Molly Pollock examines the responses to Johnson's Bill reducing our human rights from those who understand the legal consequences of being an...

Party or no party? That is the question

Molly Pollock looks over the Downing Street parties 'rule' with a 'statute of limitations' that starts and ends before the guests arrive.

Profoundly problematic?

By Molly Pollock On 17 October 2021 Dominic Raab, the UK Government's Justice Secretary, told the Sunday Telegraph that...

Second helping or second referendums?

By Dorothy Bruce The UK. The fifth largest economy in the world, so Tories incessantly boast. So, everything’s hunky-dory then. Even Brexit will turn out...