Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Puerile and petty shenanigans

Molly Pollock takes a look at the latest evidence Boris Johnson is running scared of Nicola Sturgeon and thinks he can shut...

How does BBC Scotland get away with this corrupt behaviour?

By The Media Monitor Last Tuesday at her Covid briefing the First Minister accused opposition politicians and some journalists...
We are European

Welcome to social distancing from Europe: Max Brexit

By Russell Bruce Five years ago England (and Wales by a narrower margin) voted for Brexit. Scotland voted 62%...
BBC Public Services Broadcaster - for the Union

How BBC Scotland politicised the pandemic and put the Union before...

By The Media Monitor On Sunday, BBC Scotland news bulletins were filled with an attack on the SNP by...
The first hundred days speech

The first 100 days

Molly Pollock looks at key points from Nicola Sturgeon's speech in the Scottish Parliament today. Cross party working to be a key feature along with working towards close collaboration with the Greens on areas of agreement.

ScotGov: Full ministerial team announced

By Russell Bruce Just over 24 hours after being re-elected First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has completed appointments to her...
Deportations foiled. We are here for our neighbours

Glasgow communities foil power of Brit state

By Russell Bruce It was a message that left no doubt. Priti Patel and Johnson's xenophobic government found the...
Draft Independence Referendum Bill published. Nicola Sturgeon cleared of breaching Ministerial Code

Two whoops of pleasure

Draft Independence Referendum Bill published. Nicola Sturgeon cleared of breaching Ministerial Code
Tory turns Salmond's spokesperson

Ruth Davidson acts as Salmond’s spokesperson at FMQs

Salmond's conspiracy clique gains The Baroness as spokesperson to recite David Davis' false claims under Westminster parliamentary privilege. The Scottish parliament does...
Scottish parliament under threat

Independence or bust?

Westminster may have squandered power and significant influence on the global scene but divide and conquer remains the establishment’s strategy to keep Scotland in its place.