Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Tag: human rights

Ditching the ECHR…ditching our human rights

Molly Pollock examines the responses to Johnson's Bill reducing our human rights from those who understand the legal consequences of being an...
Human rights

My rights, your rights, our rights, everyone’s rights

Molly Pollock takes a look through the implications of the UK's intention to reduce Human Rights in the UK with inferior legislation...

Profoundly problematic?

By Molly Pollock On 17 October 2021 Dominic Raab, the UK Government's Justice Secretary, told the Sunday Telegraph that...
Children, rights and Tories

Children, rights and Tories

The UK government has taken the decision to refer two Holyrood laws to the UK Supreme Court to decide if, in introducing and passing these bills, the Scottish Parliament has gone beyond its devolved powers despite the Lord Advocate and Parliament’s Presiding Officer allowing the passage of the bills, considering them within Holyrood’s competency.

Of the people, by the people, for the people

We are going to take a look at democracy - British style - to see how it shapes up with other European...

Social and equality impacts of Brexit

By Equality Nation Brexiters insist everything is rosy and will become even better after Friday 31st January, their independence...