Monday, January 24, 2022
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Tag: independence referendum

Success is about being your best self

Molly Pollock finds inspiration in the ideas that promote confidence in children to become successful and sees opportunity for the independence movement...
Scottish Government announces new Advisory Council

We must work together

Molly Pollock looks at some of the implications of the Scottish Government's new Advisory Council The Scottish Government has...

Who is a Scot?

Molly Pollock looks at who is a Scot in the wake of Westminster threatening to take over the franchise the Scottish Parliament...
Ipsos MORI Holyrood poll for STV 7 April 2021

SNP and Greens heading for big Indy majority, Alba stuck on...

By Russell Bruce The Ipsos MORI poll for STV indicates steady progress for the SNP and the Greens. Ipsos...
We are European

There’ll always be a Europe

By Russell Bruce But will there'll always be an England? This song dating from just before WW11 became a...
New Scottish Election Acts

Journey to indyref2 – plan A to Z

Lindsay Bruce looks at the process to indyref2 and uncovers a 5 year process to bring about about our second independence referendum, rather answering those who have been asking what the SNP government and Scottish Parliament have been doing to deliver independence.
Tory turns Salmond's spokesperson

Ruth Davidson acts as Salmond’s spokesperson at FMQs

Salmond's conspiracy clique gains The Baroness as spokesperson to recite David Davis' false claims under Westminster parliamentary privilege. The Scottish parliament does...
Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey – Part 4

In the final part of Shades of legal grey Molly Pollock looks at the issues a UK government would face in the event of the will of the people of Scotland being overridden by a political party and government Scotland did not vote for or agree to a dysfunctional and damaging Brexit.
Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey Part 3

Molly Pollock in Part 3 notes the impact of Brexit on Scotland's right to hold another independence referendum, alternatives to a section 30 order and implications of Westminster response.
Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey – Part 2

Molly Pollock in Part 2 looks at the constitution part of the briefing paper leading to the Edinburgh Agreement and the parts played by both legal and political process, including the vital importance of the SNP majority at the 2011 Holyrood election.