Monday, October 3, 2022
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Tag: independence

Independence is a scary word

Molly Pollock picks up on an article by Richard Murphy to consider how we reach those who have little knowledge of or...

Another faceless Tory

Molly Pollock looks at the new man, recently made a peer, Johnson has appointed to save the Union Lord...

Democracy, food, the environment: Lessons we can learn from Iceland

Molly Pollock comments on our Nordic connections and the extraordinary experience of Iceland, one of Europe's poorest nations when it voted for...

Two men meet at a palace in Edinburgh

By Russell Bruce Is there something strange about that? When the man who is second in line to the...

I have hope

By Molly Pollock On the 18th May Nicola Sturgeon was re-elected First Minister with the SNP gaining its fourth...
Independence 3 Another Country

Another country

Molly Pollock came across this powerful video by the great-great-nephew of Robert Cunninghame Graham - author, politician, traveller, socialist, internationalist, humanitarian and...
Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey – Part 4

In the final part of Shades of legal grey Molly Pollock looks at the issues a UK government would face in the event of the will of the people of Scotland being overridden by a political party and government Scotland did not vote for or agree to a dysfunctional and damaging Brexit.
Scottish parliament under threat

Independence or bust?

Westminster may have squandered power and significant influence on the global scene but divide and conquer remains the establishment’s strategy to keep Scotland in its place.
Aamer Anwar

Lets get back to the core issues driving support for independence

By Russell Bruce The SNP have had an interesting conference, albeit with the restrictions the pandemic has imposed over...
SNP 57%

Startling polls

By Russell Bruce These are startling figures from polling by YouGov carried out for The Times