Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Sam Taylor not so bright spark at These Islands

Scotland is blessed with enormous renewable resources but…

Molly Pollock takes apart the nonsense argument of the Chief Executive of unionist organisation, These Islands, that because Scotland has more energy...
Hunterston nuclear - end of an era

End of an era as Hunterston B decommissions

By Russell Bruce It is not often there is a nuclear energy story that is a cause for celebration....
England is running out of gas

Is England running out of natural gas?

By Russell Bruce In our series of articles on Power Scotland and the move to renewable energy we have...
Scotland's primary energy output

Power Scotland: energy from land and sea

There is a long-term unionist narrative that Scotland's oil and gas days are over. Not so as our research shows. It is still 'privately' considered crucial to retaining Scotland in the Union. Scotland has more power than it can ever use for its own needs and is a major element of our exports. There is no end of willing European and other countries willing to buy our surplus energy.

SNP and Labour jostle over green credentials

If the SNP government are given a second-term by the Scottish electorate at this year's Holyrood election the party promises to deliver 22,000 jobs...