Sunday, March 3, 2024
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Tag: recovery

I have hope

By Molly Pollock On the 18th May Nicola Sturgeon was re-elected First Minister with the SNP gaining its fourth...

Scotland’s sustainable future

“help build a recovery from Covid-19 which is fair, inclusive, green and focused on the wellbeing of our people and planet. This year has been tough but amid the darkness and disruption we have a chance to piece our economy and society back together differently.

Job figures show Scotland leading UK recovery

Scotland is leading the economic recovery with employment up 24,000 in the last three months and unemployment rates remaining lower than the UK average....

The lower edge of luxury

by David Malone   We are NOT all in this together. Pat and Ron Eastman, who live near San Jose, California, bought a 2007...

Scottish Futures Trust Initiative to provide 1000 Rented Homes

A funding initiative spearheaded by the Scottish Government and Scottish Futures Trust, and expected to generate £130 million and provide 1,000 new homes for...