Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Tag: Scottish government

Hunterston nuclear - end of an era

End of an era as Hunterston B decommissions

By Russell Bruce It is not often there is a nuclear energy story that is a cause for celebration....

World beating

Throughout this pandemic the UK Tory government has used ‘world beating’ as one of its most dragged out mantras, now worn thin by repetition. Everything it has done has been world beating. We’ll today, that is proved appropriate as daily cases of Covid 19 have for the first time topped 100,000 – 106,122 cases to be exact (95,795 of them in England), exclipsing the previous record of 93,045 just a few days ago on 17 December.

Paying the price

Molly Pollock looks at who will pay the price for Johnson's nonsense government. We the people ... or will he eventually be...

When does BBC Scotland’s unethical journalism become fraud?

By The Media Monitor On Friday October 1st a story led the BBC Scotland news agenda. A melodramatic headline...

Mrs Windsor caught escaping renewable obligations

By Russell Bruce Funny thing about the Royal family with some of the younger members reported to be...
Scottish Government announces new Advisory Council

We must work together

Molly Pollock looks at some of the implications of the Scottish Government's new Advisory Council The Scottish Government has...

ScotGov: Full ministerial team announced

By Russell Bruce Just over 24 hours after being re-elected First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has completed appointments to her...
Children, rights and Tories

Children, rights and Tories

The UK government has taken the decision to refer two Holyrood laws to the UK Supreme Court to decide if, in introducing and passing these bills, the Scottish Parliament has gone beyond its devolved powers despite the Lord Advocate and Parliament’s Presiding Officer allowing the passage of the bills, considering them within Holyrood’s competency.
Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey – Part 1

Molly Pollock, Newsnet's Research Editor, picks her way through a House of Commons briefing paper that lays out the problematic issues both sides face ahead of the coming Independence referendum. There are multiple shades of legal grey in the complex constitutional structure of the union and how it changes following a successful independence referendum
Brexit dividend NO fish

Now we know – ...

By Russell Bruce No fish and dead fish After four and and half years of...