Monday, January 24, 2022
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Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey Part 3

Molly Pollock in Part 3 notes the impact of Brexit on Scotland's right to hold another independence referendum, alternatives to a section 30 order and implications of Westminster response.
Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey – Part 2

Molly Pollock in Part 2 looks at the constitution part of the briefing paper leading to the Edinburgh Agreement and the parts played by both legal and political process, including the vital importance of the SNP majority at the 2011 Holyrood election.
Scottish Independence Referendum H of C Briefing paper

Shades of legal grey – Part 1

Molly Pollock, Newsnet's Research Editor, picks her way through a House of Commons briefing paper that lays out the problematic issues both sides face ahead of the coming Independence referendum. There are multiple shades of legal grey in the complex constitutional structure of the union and how it changes following a successful independence referendum

Labour’s UK crisis will boost Yes vote

By John McAllion  We are now into the fourth year of a government that has arguably the worst record in office of any government...

Hammer blow to anti-independence campaign as UK credit rating downgraded

   The UK’s credit rating has been downgraded from AAA to AA1 by credit agency Moody’s. The announcement follows speculation that the much coveted triple...

Scottish Government calls for action after EU funding cut threat

  By Martin Kelly  The Scottish government has called for action after it emerged that Scotland is facing a huge cut in EU funding. The...

Scotland and rest of UK moving further apart over EU membership

  By Martin Kelly  The growing differences between Scotland and the rest of the UK over relations with the rest of Europe have been...

Alex Salmond responds to “disappointing” Washington Post editorial

  By a Newsnet reporter  First Minister Alex Salmond has responded to a recent editorial published by US based newspaper the Washington Post that...

UK Govt must ensure golden opportunity for Scotch beef not lost

  By a Newsnet Reporter  Scotland’s world renowned beef sector is currently facing both “massive opportunities” and “all too apparent” threats, say industry experts....

UK EU isolationalism biggest threat to Scotland say SNP

  By Bob Duncan  The determined isolationism and hostility towards the EU by Westminster is now becoming the biggest threat that Scotland faces to securing...