Keep a light on

Keep a light on

By Russell Bruce

This is our video report of the event at the Scottish Parliament on Friday 31st Janury 2020 when Scotland was but hours away from being dragged out of the EU against the wishes of the people of Scotland.

This was a very significant event for one special reason – it was grassroots organised. A political event yes but not a party political event. The politicians came because they were called. The mood of activists was something special. They knew exactly why they had come.

Clarity and passion came in waves in support for independence and Scotland taking its rightful place as an EU member state. They came to participate, articulate their sense of being European, and to sing their own prepared programme. The audience were the event, helped along by supporting acts from a few politicians.

Keep a light on

Included are a few images of Europe because it is who we are. It is real, just as the citizenship we lost on Friday was an important part of our identity.